Health Kiosk


Health Kiosk

Health Kiosk

The Health Kiosk is a handy piece of techology which allow patients to complete various reviews without an appointment with a clinician, and to take their blood pressure, height and weight.

How does it work?

You log into the kiosk with your name and date of birth, which are verified against your patient record, to complete questionnaires and assessments relevant to you. The kiosk will automatically send any readings and answers to your medical record on our clinical system ready for a clinician to review them.

  • Using the Health Kiosk saves time to both you and our clinicians,
  • Gives you the convenience to have your blood pressure, height and weight checked any time without an appointment,
  • Gives you a piece of mind by enpowering you to manage your health without a direct involvment of a clinician
  • Gives you the freedom to complete health checks and assessments at your convenience.

The Health Kiosk is be able to complete the following reviews:

  • General health check
  • New patient health check
  • Asthma review
  • Diabetes review
  • COPD review
  • Heart disease review
  • Oral contraception review
  • Physical activity assessment
  • Anxiety and depression scale
  • Anxiety review (GAD-7)
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Dementia carers review
  • Postnatal assessment
  • Arthritis review
  • Menopause assessment

To use the health kiosk no appointment needed. Just come to the Surgery and LET OUR RECEPTION KNOW YOU ARE HERE TO USE THE KIOSK.

Once you completed your review, the results will be reviewed by a clinician. If there is a need they will be in contact with you.