Ask your doctor a question

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Ask your doctor a question

If your doctor has asked you to send them a quick message concerning your condition or if you have a question regarding a condition please use our Quick GP Message system by completing the form below.

If you wish to request a prescription send us a email to or use your SystmOnline /Airmid account. (For more info on how to obtain an online account please click HERE). 

We can not respond to messages with insufficient information, prescription requests, complaints or requests for phone consultations via this message system.

Your message will be dealt with within 2 working days (working days only, excluding bank holidays and weekends).

If you have not had any response within two working days please contact the surgery on 01798 342248 and inform the receptionist that you have had no response to your request and they will ask your GP or the Duty Doctor to call you. 

If you send us a request on a Friday evening this may not be answered until Tuesday evening. Please make sure this time frame is considered before completing the form to assess if this is the right path.

It is very important that you do not use this messaging service if you believe that you are acutely unwell and need to see a doctor in the next 48 hours.

This is not an emergency service.